Sustainable Fashion

Everything you want to know about the sustainability of the textile and fashion industry

Nylon fabric is a completely artificial material, consisting of adipic acid with the addition of hexamethylenediamine. These two constituents form a special salt, which is then dissolved in a process resulting in the formation of a plastic known as polyamide; therefore, nylon is classified as a synthetic polymer composed of polyamides. At the moment, these synthetic polyamides are produced by several leading companies from which all nylon fabric is distributed under multiple commercial names. Synthetic polyamides are not only non-biodegradable, their use has also been shown to shed and release microplastics into the environment, such as the large amounts discharged from laundry washing machines into wastewaters.

The Production of Nylon and Sustainable Fashion

The transition towards sustainable fashion in the textile industry is marked by innovations in recycled and bio-based nylons, closed-loop manufacturing processes, and eco-friendly technologies, aiming to reduce the significant environmental footprint of traditional nylon production

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