Sustainable Fashion

Everything you want to know about the sustainability of the textile and fashion industry

Polyester is a synthetic fiber made out of plastic, and it is the most commonly used fiber globally accounting for 60% of the composition of clothing. Although polyester recycling has been discussed as a potentially good solution for circularity in fashion, there are actually many problems associated with the process.

Bio-based Polyester – Rejecting the Use of Petroleum in Fashion

The vast majority of polyester production is reliant on fossil fuel-based resources, which are not sustainable and risk market volatility due to their finite nature. To reduce the industry’s reliance on these petroleum-based resources, bio-based polyesters have emerged as a more sustainable alternative.

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Recycled Polyester

Recycled polyester is lauded as a sustainable solution to reduce the environmental impact of polyester production. But is it really an improvement over conventional polyester?

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