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Textile Standards & Legislation – An Online Tool

First published in 2008, Textile Standards & Legislation is a fully searchable online tool resulting from the partnership between MCL News & Media and the European Outdoor Group.1,2 The Textile Standards & Legislation guide contains more than 72 environmental and social standards within the textile and apparel industry as well as concise descriptions about how each standard works and their function within the textile value chain.1,3

This tool allows textile industry professionals to ensure that their business practices are in compliance with the set out standards and can help empower these industry players to minimize supply chain risk and ultimately learn about more sustainable and socially responsible sourcing.2

One major advantage of this online tool is that it is updated on an ongoing basis to reflect changing standards and criteria.1

In addition to the online search tool, the guide is made available in print format bi-annually, the most recent edition of which was published in April of 2020.2,4 The printable guidebook expands on the information available in the online tool to include information about new voluntary and obligatory textile standards, legislation and paths to certification as well as methods for sourcing textiles in a socially-responsible way.4

Other additions to the guide include information about criteria updates to the Global Organic Textile Standard, details on the withdrawal of the Bangladesh Accord and information about changes to the Responsible Wool Standards as well as many others.3

Overall, Textile Standards & Legislation is a great tool for anyone in the textile industry looking to improve on their business practices or knowledge of industry standard and stay up-to-date on such topics in the fast paced textile and fashion industry.


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