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Gender & Chemicals in Textiles

Blog by HEJSupport

HEJSupport was a guest speaker at the monthly 45-minute webinar series on gender equality across various chemical sectors. The webinars are organised by the MSP Institute eV, an international charitable association based in Berlin, Germany, working to support and promote high-quality multi-stakeholder processes.

HEJSupport‘s presentation on 25 May 2021 was focused on gender and chemicals in the textile sector. The presentation highlighted:

  • the need to ensure transparency of information in the supply chain about chemicals used in clothing production
  • the importance of raising awareness among female worker regarding their exposure to toxic chemicals in the workplace
  • the urgency to ensure occupational health and safety at all levels, from the production of raw materials all the way through to waste management and end-of-life pathways

Please refer to the available recording of the presentation on Youtube: