Sustainable Fashion

Everything you want to know about the sustainability of the textile and fashion industry

The Future of Chemical and Waste Management in the Textile Industry

Currently, a variety of regulations are in place pertaining to the general use of chemicals, including the REACH Regulation in the European Union, the Toxic Substances Control Act in the United States, and the MEP Order 7 in China. Within the textile industry, many private standards, certification systems and labels (SCLs) have emerged for the purpose of production- and product-related chemical management.

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Bio-based Polyester – Rejecting the Use of Petroleum in Fashion

The vast majority of polyester production is reliant on fossil fuel-based resources, which are not sustainable and risk market volatility due to their finite nature. To reduce the industry’s reliance on these petroleum-based resources, bio-based polyesters have emerged as a more sustainable alternative.

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Banana Fibers

Banana fibers have emerged as an alternative to traditional fabrics and are used to manufacture a wide array of textiles.

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