Sustainable Fashion

Everything you want to know about the sustainability of the textile and fashion industry

The Production of Nylon and Sustainable Fashion

The transition towards sustainable fashion in the textile industry is marked by innovations in recycled and bio-based nylons, closed-loop manufacturing processes, and eco-friendly technologies, aiming to reduce the significant environmental footprint of traditional nylon production

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Aligning Human Rights and Environmental Goals: The Playbook

The “Sustainable Fashion Communication Playbook” by UNEP and UNFCCC provides a comprehensive framework for aligning fashion communication with environmental sustainability and human rights, urging stakeholders to adopt transparent practices and policies that promote circular models and equitable treatment throughout the industry.

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A Comparative Analysis of Viscose and Polyester

This article delves into the environmental impacts, production processes, and sustainable practices of viscose and polyester, comparing their strengths and challenges to guide consumers towards more eco-friendly fashion choices.

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